If you want to surf more in 2012, read our 5-step guide to getting in the surf more often, and having better waves and more fun too!

1 – Become a weather geek! UK surf is notoriously unpredictable, and a day of the best swell can be ruined by a strong on-shore wind, so check the charts daily to make sure you know when your local beaches are going to be going off! Use www.magicseaweed.com and www.windguru.cz and local weather charts from the www.metoffice.gov.uk to see what’s happening.

2 – Know what a good day looks like for surfing! Each break you surf will have optimum conditions for surfing, and you should get to know what they are, and look out for them on your charts. You should be looking for optimum swell direction and strength, winds, and tides for each beach. Read up about this on any number of websites, and for international spots; in the Stormrider guides or on line at www.lowpressure.co.uk and make sure you know what is best for your local break.

3 – Get your paddle-fitness ready. You don’t want to miss out on an epic session if you get in but then burn out after 10 mins! Make sure you stay fit all year by doing a combination of exercises regularly. Aim for 3 sessions or more a week of any of these – swimming, sea-swimming, weight training, cycling, running, yoga or pilates.

4  – Have the right kit, and spares! Don’t get caught out without a spare leash or only having one bootie when it’s winter! Have all your wetsuit kit ready to go in the car and some spare fins, fin keys, leashes and wax, as well as a dry towel, some water and some post-surf munchies – just in case!

5 – Book a surfing holiday. You’ll get more waves, learn more about surfing, and meet more friends than you will here at home – guaranteed! There is nothing quite like going to a world-class surfing spot for showing us just how much good surf we are missing out on here in the UK! Come with us to sunny South West France, or amazing Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa to surf the best waves on the planet, every day!  Call Dan on 07967 379939 for more information.